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SCHOOL EMBLEM:  The school emblem holds utmost significance as the identity of DAV, Its magnitude is depicted with its four features : Aum or Om, The Sun Rays, and the Water

AUM OR OM  : AUM  or OM symbolizes an ancient Sanskrit word representing the universe. The meaning of AUM is the vibrational sound of the force behind all creation. The meaning of Om is avati, or rakùati. Rakùati means ‘One who protects, sustains’. Thus, Om is the name of the Lord, who pervades our being, who pervades everything in the world in the form of niyati, the form of the order that sustains.

THE SUN RAYS  : The SUN symbolizes life, energy, positivity and confidence. The rays emanating from the sun, the source of universal energy with Aum embedded within is symbolic of the triumph of light over darkness and the dispersal of ignorance. The fading darkness and prevailing light, taking the earth out of ignorance & evil into light, knowledge, and righteousness.

THE WATER :  WATER has been used as a symbol of wisdom, power, grace, music and the ability to adapt to the changing environment, temperature and form. Like water, one shall be open to learn and unlearn to navigate through the changing circumstances.


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