Chait Maas (Navvarsh)  

Chait Maas(Hindu Navvarsh)


Today,on 5th April 2024, an assembly was conducted by the lower middle wing to celebrate the festive occasions of Ramadan and Hindu New Year. The main purpose of the assembly was to educate students about the significance of the Hindu Navvarsh, which begins with the first Navratri of Chait maas. During the assembly, students actively participated in various activities such as sharing their thoughts, learning new words, and reciting poems. Through these activities, students showcased the importance of Chait maas in Hindu panchang and its significance in Hindu culture. The assembly served as a platform for students to learn and appreciate different cultures and traditions, promoting unity and understanding among them. It also highlighted the importance of respecting and acknowledging different beliefs and customs. The assembly successfully achieved its aim of raising awareness and educating students about the significance of Hindu Navvarsh, leaving a lasting impact on their minds.


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