Rain Dance Party  
                                                  *Rainy Dance Party* :
Unforgettable memories under the soothing pitter-patter of raindrops.
As the exams wrapped up and the sun beat down, Upper Primary Wing decided to beat the heat in a unique way this year. With laughter, dance, and delicious treats,our *class 3 &4 students* made unforgettable memories, celebrating an exciting Rainy Dance Party by creating artificial rain.
To involve all the students this celebration  continued for a week from 7.5.24 to 16.5.24 .With gleeful shouts and giggles our students embraced the rain, dancing and singing in  specially arranged rain dance area. Splashing in puddles and feeling the cool drops , they reveled in the natural magic of the moment.Following the energetic rain dance, students enjoyed  their  class party having their favourite  foods.
Through this celebration, we aimed not only to provide a fun break from academics but also to instill in our students the importance of embracing nature's beauty and finding joy in simple pleasures. We believe that experiences like these contribute to holistic growth and well-being, nurturing not just academic excellence but also a sense of community and resilience.Together children  along with teachers created a day filled with laughter, learning, and lasting memories.


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