Educational Trip by 7 and 8  
Educational Trip To Science Museum
An educational trip was organized by the school to the National Science Centre, Delhi for the students of class VIII on 29th July 2022.The visit proved to be a  great way to arouse curiosity in the minds of school students and was a thrilling and motivating experience. The students took a tour of the following galleries- Water- the elixir of life, Hall of nuclear power,
Our science and technology heritage, Human biology, Pre-historic life , Fun science, Information revolution, Emerging technologies-Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Energy and Transportation Technology. The galleries showcased a plethora of exhibits that covered various topics. Magic tap, stingless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball, marine and freshwater aquariums were the main attractions at the Science Centre.
Wrestling the gorilla arm, virtual makeup, find the direction of sound, walking through the mirror maze, infinity well, animated dinosaurs, responding to electric shock, lifting a lid against an electromagnet and many others caught the attention of students instantly and they thoroughly enjoyed being part of these fun filled activities.
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