Theme (Vasudev Kutumbkam)

The recent secondary wing school exhibition of DAVS showcased the culmination of student creativity and knowledge across all subjects. The Chief Guest Shri V. K Chopra, Director (PS) DAVCMC, New Delhi inaugurated the magnificent event and was welcomed by vibrant faces with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The event was a testament to holistic education, where each subject's unique essence was skillfully displayed. Science exhibits demonstrated intricate experiments, historical artifacts breathed life into social studies, and mathematical models elucidated complex concepts. Artistic talents flourished through vibrant paintings and sculptures. Language displays wove a tapestry of words, while music performances resonated with harmony. The exhibition not only fostered collaborative learning but also empowered students to take ownership of their education. It celebrated the diverse aptitudes of young minds and highlighted the school's commitment to comprehensive learning.


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