Assemblage at OLD AGE HOME  
                                   Assemblage at Old age Home
On August 20, 2022, students of Class VII & VIII , paid a visit to an old age home ‘Arya Mahila Ashram’ situated at Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi to meet and spend their time with the elderly. It was an opportunity for the students to interact and learn from the people of various walks of life with accretion of experience. After the arrival at the old age home, all the students seated themselves and melodious songs sung by the school music teachers and students marked the beginning of get-together. A dazzling dance performance made them happier and helped them forget the sorrows of not having their loved ones around. Students also gifted them the cards, flowers and food packets that they brought for everyone. This rejuvenated their drooping spirit and filled the old hearts with joy and content. All the natives thanked and appreciated the fact that the young generation is taking interest and coming to spend a little time with the old people in old age home.
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