Fun and Frolic Friday Series  

Fun n Frolic, Friday Series

"Fun n Frolic Friday at the Nursery Wing is a lively day, always teeming with innovative learning and exciting explorations. Some noteworthy highlights of the day include:

*A Visit to the School Traffic Park:

The little ones from the Pre-Primary classes had a delightful trip to the school traffic park, immersing themselves in learning about various traffic signs. This experience was enriching, allowing the children to connect with the real world and gain traffic awareness.

* Special Assembly on SDG #15: Life on Land:

The children presented a mesmerizing performance centered around saving trees and protecting our animal . They engaged in a delightful musical portrayal of different animals and participated in the Animal Dice Game. The excitement was palpable as they showcased various animal movements with their classmates.

* Special assembly & Clean Hands Activity for Preschoolers:

The preschoolers thoroughly enjoyed a 'clean hands' activity. Small children of Pre school  presented a morning special assembly on cleanliness. In a fascinating experiment, they witnessed how liquid soap in water could repel germs (represented by black pepper). This hands-on experience made the concept of cleanliness come alive for them.

These activities had a significant objective: to make learning enjoyable and meaningful, allowing the children to discover new things in a fun and engaging manner while fostering a connection with the real world."


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