The traditional unique play
The Nursery Wing brought the vibrant essence of the Dussehra festival to life, celebrating the triumph of Good over Evil with unbridled enthusiasm from October 16th to 19th, 2023. The week-long festivities featured an awe-inspiring *Puppet Show*, captivating the young audience with the epic tale of Ramleela Mahotsav.Each day showcased a different episode, starting with Shree Ram Janam and Gurukul, leading to Sita Swayamvar and Ram Vanvaas, followed by Surpnakha's arrival and Sita Haran, then Jatau Vadh and the union of Sri Ram, Hanuman, and the Vanar Sena. The culmination was marked by the intense Ram Ravan Yudh and the triumphant victory of Shree Ram over Ravan.The eager anticipation of Ramleela was palpable in the heart of every child, reciting chaupais from Ramayan. The entire wing was enveloped in the fervor of this timeless epic, skillfully imparted by the creative Nursery teachers. Their innovative approach succeeded in instilling essential values, culture, and traditions into the impressionable minds of the children. It was a feast for the eyes where mythological characters were brought to life through puppets.


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