2023 Independence Day  

Independence Day Celebration 


The Nursery Wing marked Independence Day with unwavering zeal and patriotism, from August 4th to August 14th, 2023. The event was a culmination of a diverse range of engaging activities.

In a bid to foster a deeper understanding of Indian culture, the children were enlightened about various aspects including traditional dresses, cuisine, languages, and festivals from different states. This initiative emphasized the concept of unity in diversity.

The Pre-School children participated in an array of thrilling activities as outlined below:

Cotton Dabbing Art - August 4th, 2023:

Children exercised their creativity by using orange and green colors to engage in cotton dabbing on drawing sheets, crafting their own miniature flags.

Flag Walk - August 11th, 2023:

With pride in their hearts, the Pre-schoolers carried the Indian flag, marching spiritedly to the finish line on the playground.

Fancy Dress - August 11th, 2023:

Dressed in vibrant traditional attire representing various Indian states, children displayed their imaginative prowess and shared brief insights about their chosen states.

The Pre-Primary children also enjoyed an assortment of fun-filled activities:

Tricolour Creations - August 4th, 2023:

Using ear buds for printing, children creatively fashioned tricolour flag representations, showcasing their artistic flair.

Dress & Act - August 11th, 2023-

During a Special Assembly on Unity in Diversity, Pre-Primary children beautifully depicted different Indian states—Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu—through clothing, greetings, and native dances.

The festivities reached their zenith on August 14th:

A grand celebration ensued with the hoisting of the national flag, coupled with an enthralling cultural extravaganza. The performances by these young participants resonated with passion and patriotism, permeating the atmosphere with a sense of unity and pride.


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