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Earth Day 2019  

Earth Day

It is rightly said that no man has a freehold on earth, each one of us has the responsibility to preserve the earth for our future generations. 

With the fear of Global warming, looming large above mankind, we need to sensitize the young brigade about the atrocities meted out to Mother Earth. Students of Upper Primary Wing celebrated the Earth Day, ‘Earthika’ on 23nd April, 2019.

In an effort to spread awareness with regard to the calamitous degradation of the environment, a myriad of activities was performed on the day.Students of class 3 initiated a plantation drive. They brought saplings in decorated tiny earthen pots in the school.

While students of class 4 portrayed their thoughts on nature conservation by making lively three-dimensional earth with papier mâché on A 3 sized sheets. They inscribed ways to conserve the earth on it.

  Principal Mr. V.K. Chopra addressed the children and stated that planting trees is essential for all, children need to carry forward this crusade for environment conservation from school tohomes and to the world at large.