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Health and Hygiene 2018  

Health and hygiene Week

The health of our children is fundamental to the future progress of our country. It is essential to inculcate healthy habits and good hygiene in children at a young age with an objective to educate the budding DAVians about the benefits of sound health, “ Health and hygiene week” was celebrated in Pre Primary Wing in first week of October. Each day was dedicated to a specific activity.

It began with a PPT highlighting the meaning and tools to get a good health. Next day, Children prepared their own health and hygiene kits and tools.

Day three was a gastronomic delight for all. Children had fun in making healthy salads, afterwards they shared them with their classmates.

The celebration culminated with a role play activity on health and hygiene products. It was an amalgamation of talent, skill and creativity.

Such special celebrations steer the young minds towards adopting a life style with healthy habits.